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The Call Of The Wild is still Calling all petPros!

You once again have an opportunity to be a part of this amazing pawTrip adventure in 2022. There are more exciting excursions you can earn, and the trip has now been extended from a 5-night to 7-night adventure! With more petPros and more ports to explore, this is truly a trip of a lifetime.

Join Roger Morgan, founder and CEO of pawTree, on Royal Caribbean’s Ovation Of The Seas. Set sail from the port in Seattle, Washington with your pawTree family on this amazing 7-night cruise through the great northern landscape of Alaska! Alaska’s rugged coast represents some of nature’s best work. The intricate waterways of the Inside Passage, dotted with thousands of islands, big and small. The high cliffs of Misty Fjords. The deep bays that welcome whales every summer. The towering blue ice of Hubbard Glacier. Where life is centered around the water, a cruise is the ideal way to experience all this wonder.

Qualification Period:
August 1, 2021 - January 31, 2022

Adventure Dates:
Arrive in Seattle May 12, 2022
Cruise May 13 - 20, 2022


The qualification period for the pawTrip 2022 is August 1, 2021 – January 31, 2022


petPros who earn the trip during the 2021-2022 campaign for the first time.

Must qualify with a minimum of 35,000* points.  Interior Cabin + One Hotel Room Night pre-cruise
Any points earned ABOVE AND BEYOND the 35,000 can be used towards the Excursions & Options Menu
Example: Qualify with 45,000 points; you have 10,000 points you can use towards the Excursions/Additions Menu. 


petPros who previously qualified will attend based on the level they already qualified for and can now earn extra incentives!

In addition to your trip being extended by 2 more nights, when you qualify with a minimum of 35,000* points on the new 2021-2022 program, you can then use those 35,000 points plus any extra points earned towards the Excursions & Options Menu
Example: Existing qualifier qualifies with 45,000 new points; you have 45,000 points you can use towards the Excursions/Additions Menu. 


To qualify for pawTrip, you must earn points from both personal sales and team-building activities.

*Category point minimums must be met.
Must earn a minimum number of points in categories 1 & 2 in order to qualify
· At least 10,000 points from Personal Sales (Category #1)
· At least 10,000 points from Advancing and/or Sponsoring & Team Building (category #2) 

How To Earn Points


Category 1 (minimum 10,000 points required)

Personal Sales:

1) Earn points for your Personal Sales each month:     
    a. 1 pt. for every $ in sales to existing customers (excluding New PV)
    b. 2 pts. for every $ in New PV (NPV points are doubled to 4 points for every $ in New PV if petPro is in their Fast Start period)

2) Earn points for achieving the Retail Power Bonus tiers. These points are not cumulative. You may earn one tier per month if qualified. RPB tier points are doubled for petPros in their Fast Start period
    a. 200 points for 100 New PV + 500 Total PV
    b. 400 points for 100 New PV + 1,000 Total PV
    c. 600 points for 100 New PV + 2,000 Total PV
    d. 1,000 points for 100 New PV + 4,000 Total PV

3) Earn 2,000 points when you become a Fast Start Star 


Category 2 (minimum 10,000 points required)

Sponsoring & Team Building: 

1) Earn 500 pts each time you sponsor 1 new petPro with a Product Pack in a calendar month. Points are doubled if you are in your Fast Start Period.

2) Earn 2,000 pts for being a Fast Start Super Star

3) Earn an extra 1,000 pts when you sponsor at least 3 new petPros with Product Packs in a calendar month. This is a one-time per month 1000 point maximum. Points are doubled if you are in your Fast Start Period.

4) Earn points for each 1st Level petPro who promotes to a new title. You must have matching title or higher to earn these points. Points are doubled if your promoting level 1 is in their Fast Start Period.             
Sr. petPro – 500
Director – 750
Sr. Director – 1,000
Exec. Director – 2,500
Vice President – 5,000
1 Star and higher – 7,500

5) Earn 3,000 pts for each new 1st Generation Vice President (if NOT on 1st level). 

Earn points each time you advance to a new title. Points are doubled if you are in your Fast Start Period.
Sr. petPro – 1,000
Director – 1,500
Sr. Director – 2,000
Exec. Director – 5,000
Vice President – 10,000
1 Star and higher – 15,000 


Bonus Category 

Bonus points will be available at various times during the qualification period.

NOTE: When Fast Start is referenced in qualification criteria, it refers to any petPro in their Fast Start period, even if they became a petPro prior to the launch of this campaign (8/1/2021). 

Excursions & Options Menu

Utlizing earned points, qualifiers have the opportunity to apply some or all of their points towards some amazing On-Board options, Port Excursions or an unbeleivable 2-day extended adventure!

Previous pawTrip Qualifiers may utilize ALL points earned after they reach the minimum 35,000.  All new Qualifiers may use points collected AFTER (not inclusive of) the minimum 35,000 points towards the Excursion Menu.

(Note: all excursions subject to availability by the cruiseline.  Must have enough points for the excursion you are selecting.  Extra points are not available for purchase.)

Excursions & Cruise OptionsPort Points (Per Person)
Bring Guest on the pawTrip40,000
Airfare up to $50020,000
Last Frontier Food Tour Juneau8,000
Exclusive Alaskan Whale Discovery Juneau8,000
Alaska Sled Dogs and Musher's CampJuneau8,000
Sawtooth Mountain Nature HikeSkagway8,000
Dog Sled & Musher's Camp Experience Skagway8,000
Horseback Riding Adventure Skagway8,000
Ocean Raft Wildlife Adventure Skagway8,000
Chilkoot Trail Hiking and Rafting Skagway8,000
Sea Otters, Raptors and Bears Oh My Sitka8,000
Volcanic Coast Exploration by Ocean Raft Sitka8,000
Wildlife Quest Cruise & Fin Island Lodge Sitka10,000
Hovercraft Adventure & Rainforest Exploration Sitka10,000
Tracy Arm Fjord and Glacier ExplorerJuneau12,500
Whale Watching and Mendenhall Glacier Photo Safari Juneau12,500
Alaska's Whales, Glaciers & Rainforest Trails Juneau12,500
5-Glacier Seaplane Exploration Juneau12,500
Exclusive Burro Creek Waterfall Lodge & Crab Feast  Skagway12,500
Haines Wilderness Odyssey by Jet Boat Skagway12,500
Glacier Point Wilderness Safari Skagway12,500
Kroschel Wildlife Refuge Skagway12,500
Sitka Wilderness Adventure by Land and Sea  Sitka12,500
Pacific Northwest Floatplane Adventure Victoria, BC12,500
Tea Farm Tastings & Wine At The Vine Victoria, BC12,500
Vancouver Island Fishing Charter Victoria, BC12,500
Interactive Self-Guided Jeep Tour 2-Door Juneau18,000
Taku Lodge Feast & 5 Glacier Seaplane Juneau18,000
Best of Skagway: Railway, Gold & Historic Saloon Skagway18,000
Gold Panning, Sled Dogs & Exclusive Scenic Railway Skagway18,000
Alaska Remote Fly Fishing Sitka18,000
Paddle with Whales Kayak Adventure Juneau25,000
Glacier Point ATV Adventure Skagway25,000
Seattle/San Juan Islands 2 Night Exclusive Adventure w/Roger & Susan Morgan (Couple PP)Seattle80,000
Seattle/San Juan Islands 2 Night Exclusive Adventure w/Roger & Susan Morgan (Single)Seattle100,000
Vitality Spa Massage On-Board8,000
Refreshment Package On-Board12,500